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Written Testimonials

Meredith was extremely professional, productive and transparent during our working relationship. She was always available and communication was seamless. I could not be happier with the purchase of my property. It was stress free and enjoyable because of Meredith's kindly sharp personality! ~Matthew Robinson


Meredith is our second agent who we hired to secure new tenants in our rental property. The first agent/company was nothing compared to Meredith. Meredith was responsive, trustworthy and determined to find us the best tenants possible. Highly recommend!!! ~rsnyder013

Meredith Gardner has been a godsend to my boyfriend and I while searching for a rental house and first home. We have quite the history with Meredith and the fact that she put up with us through our crazy move from Michigan, from a rental home to buying our first home together, she has gone above   and beyond the call of duty every single time. Our story; we had never been to Pennsylvania let alone anywhere on the east coast, and received the news that we needed to move here for work within a time frame of less than a month. So, with my aunt being a real estate agent in Michigan, she set us up with what she thought was a reliable real estate agent from Century 21 (who I will not mention names) to show us rental properties. We had a total of two days before moving to Pennsylvania to find a place to live, and on the 8 hour drive to Pennsylvania, this real estate agent totally ditched us out of nowhere, apologizing and making loads of excuses. It was clear that this real estate agent thought he was much too good to be showing rental properties. So, by default, we were thrown in the lap of another agent in the office, which just so happened to be Meredith. (Little did this real estate agent know, we had potential to make Meredith some serious cash in the future, which he will be missing out on). I was in tears on the drive with two days to find a home, and Meredith welcomed us with complete open arms. She completely cleared her schedule for the next two days we were in town, and scheduled (literally) as many rental homes as you can fit in 2 days. I am pretty convinced we seen more than 30 properties in the first day. It was exhausting. Mind you, Meredith wasn't expecting to make much profit off of a rental property, yet she seen the stressful situation we were in, and did everything for us solely out of the kindness of her heart. We rented here for a year, and then started the search to buy our first home. This process was also quite lengthy as well. We spent so much time searching for houses, that we felt like good friends at the end of the process. There was a time that Meredith even met us to view a house at 9-10pm at night! This was beyond her call of duty, yet she was just as excited as us about this searching process. We ended up finding the absolute PERFECT first home. And, again, another year later, we are now looking for investment properties with Meredith as well, and can't wait for the adventures to continue. Having the first real estate agent completely disrespect and ditch us was a very scary thing moving here from a different state, yet it was the best thing that ever happened, because Meredith has been beyond what we could have ever wanted in a real estate agent. She is flexible, kind, understanding, knowledgable, and soo much fun to be around. I would recommend her to anyone, and this is coming from a girl with a family full of real estate agents. I am very knowledgable on what it takes to be a good agent, and Meredith is definitely five star. We love you Meredith! ~Nicole and Paul

I could not be more satisfied with my first home buying experience. The entire team went above and beyond my expectations and I would recommend them to everyone I encounter looking to purchase a home. Meredeth went above my expectations. She was always friendly and quite the social butterfly. The entire staff was great. Phil was wonderful, as Merideth promised. Kim and her team were also available to answer any questions and always worked around my busy schedule. Again, Merideth and the whole team she recommended were always there to meet my needs and answer questions. I would recommend Meredeth Gardner and the team she help select to my dearest family and friends. I am sure I will encounter this team again when my children become first time home buyers. ~Janel Herman

Meredith Gardner was efficient and a hard worker! It truly was a pleasure working with her. I would recommend Meredith Gardner to my family and friends because she is extremely dedicated and willing to do what it takes to make the sale. I really appreciated her consistent communication and understanding throughout the whole process. ~Marissa Koerbler

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